Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel.pdf

Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel PDF

Christopher L. Bennett

An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: Enterprise!

The United Federation of Planets has weathered its first major crisis, but its growing pains are just beginning. Admiral Jonathan Archer hopes to bring the diverse inhabitants of the powerful and prosperous Rigel system into the Federation, jump-starting the young nations growth and stabilizing a key sector of space. Archer and the Federations top diplomats journey to the planetoid Babel to debate Rigels admission . . . but a looming presidential race heats up the ideological divide within the young nation, jeopardizing the talks and threatening to undo the fragile unity Archer has worked so hard to preserve.

Meanwhile, the sinister Orion Syndicate recruits new allies of its own, seeking to beat the Federation at its own game. Determined to keep Rigel out of the union, they help a hostile Rigelian faction capture sensitive state secrets along with Starfleet hostages, including a young officer with a vital destiny. Captain Malcolm Reed, Captain TPol, and their courageous crews must now brave the wonders and dangers of Rigels many worlds to track down the captives before the system is plunged into all-out war.

Star Trek - RISE of the FEDERATION # 02 - Turm zu Babel ... (Star Trek Enterprise - Rise of the Federation 2: Tower of Babel, 2014) ( 2017 ) - Deutsche Erstausgabe - Star Trek - Rise of the Federation 2. Serie zu Star Trek Enterprise . Die Vereinte Föderation der Planeten hat ihre erste große Krise überstanden, aber die Kinderkrankheiten nehmen erst ihren Anfang …

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Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel.pdf


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Rise of the Federation is a series of Star Trek: Enterprise novels published by Pocket ... the Storm) • Rise of the Federation (A Choice of Futures • Tower of Babel ...

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Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation Tower of Babel ... Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation Tower of Babel Veröffentlicht 2. Mai 2014 in 500 × 832 in Rezension: ETP – „Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel“

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Star Trek: Enterprise Relaunch (Literature) - TV … Part of the Star Trek Novel Verse, continuing the series Star Trek: Enterprise beyond its finale. The books detail many of the events viewers would have seen in later seasons had the show not been cancelled. These include the Romulan War and the evolution of the Coalition of Planets into what becomes the United Federation of Planets.Most notably, the series is a massive Retcon of the …

Jason Lehmann Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel (Star Trek: Enterprise) ( 9781476749648): Christopher L. Bennett: Books.

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Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel Star Trek ... Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel 1 February 12, 2164 Verex III, Orion-Klingon Borderland “. . . SO WE CAN ALL SEE the benefits to such an alliance,” intoned the burly Orion at the head of the meeting table, his gaze taking in each of his two guests in turn. “Working alone, the Vulcans were powerful enough to